Games is comfortably my favourite skill-gaming site. King have a large variety of very well-crafted games. The game-by-game ranking system ensures that the best players don't drain money from the system too fast, but regular new games and occasional massive open-to-all-rank tournaments ensure there are always opportunities for all.

Entropia Universe is a massively multi-player role-playing game with a futuristic setting. It has a real cash economy; in-game currency can be bought or sold for real US dollars at a fixed rate. That keeps things interesting where other MMOs might start getting stale.

Hattrick is a great online football management game, pitting you against other human managers. It plays out in real-time, you get one or two competitive matches a week. So it's all about the planning and strategy. But there's plenty to do, and the slow-paced nature of it is quite a refreshing change.

FoldIt is a game I haven't had time to play in a while, but I'll keep it listed here because I love the idea. It blends game-playing with scientific research by getting players to attempt to find the optimal ways of folding proteins. There are score based leagues between players and real scientific progress can come of the results.

Eve Online is another one I don't get to play as much as I'd like but it deserves its place here. A massively multiplayer space simulator in the vein of Elite and Freelancer. Wonderfully atmospheric space fun!

Slime Volleyball is one of the first browser games I remember playing. The AI is really nicely coded, it's a tough game to beat.

Clash Of Clans is a great mobile strategy game, the link directs to our clan website.

Other sites I like

xkcd is a very funny geek-comic. I've been reading it for years so won't try to pick a favourite, but I do still chuckle at the first one I ever saw. The new What-If series is entertaining too.

I can't remember how I came to stumble across Su Blackwell's site, but I love the book sculptures. I so want one!

The same day I stumbled across some wonderful photography at Eye Poetry. Fantastic stuff, prints of some of those are going on my wall one day, as soon as I own a wall!